Mangalica Pigs




Alder Hill Farm is located in Mayo, on the west coast of Ireland. The farm is a combination of pasture, coniferous forest and native woodland. Our woods are a mixture of oak and alder, and provide both a natural environment and a rich source of food for our pigs.

Our Mangalica pigs are the only registered herd in Ireland, and are reared on our family farm in the traditional way. We are registered with the British Pig Association as rare breeders, specialising in Mangalica pigs, and are also members of the Irish Pig Society

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ethical farming

We are a small, non-intensive farm - our pigs are truly free range. Their curly coats are ideal for the Irish climate, which means that they can spend the whole year living outdoors - they prefer to spend most of their time in the woods! Traditional pig arcs in one of the pastures provide our pigs with shelter when they desire it, allowing them to self-regulate their temperatures as and when they need.

We are fully committed to the wellbeing of our animals, and work hard to ensure they have healthy and happy lives. It takes 24 months for our pigs to reach maturity, compared with 6 months for industrially raised pig breeds. We allow our pigs to feed on grass and to forage all year round, and do not use any hormones or antibiotics in our farming. We do not use sow stalls or farrowing crates, instead allowing our sows to build their own nests and bond with their piglets naturally.